Preparing Yourself for UPSR

Hello Little One,

As the UPSR for year 2015 is just around the corner, all of you must be nervous and some of you might just have left out far and wondering how to over come this easily. Just follow the steps below and prepare yourself to pass with flying colours.

1) Check out the schedule

Mark the important exams schedule to make sure the time is enough to go through the syllabus, especially at last moment like this.

Training must be pursued in accordance with the final paper first occupied. This is because when the exam day, candidates will study subjects that will be tested on the first day of the exam. If you

If you do so, then you are making extensive preparations and no subject missed or not learned.

2) Key for examination

Do you know what the key to an exam? Students make a lot of fuss to remember past lessons, as well as to escape from forgetting facts when answering the questions.

Therefore, you should not be bored to continue a review, especially when you are doing the previous year examination papers or similar questions. This will make you familiar with the standard questions and will easily allow lasting memories.

3) Determine priorities

Studying at the last minute should also prioritize subjects or skills that are not or less mastered. in this case, do not ever learn a subject that you like it, otherwise you covered. *remember subject studied in schools are all included in the exams, not on the interest of the student*

4) Remember the main key points

Remembering is an important thing that must be done in the examination candidate. Various ways can you use to remember, learn them repeatedly about a skill. Use whatever easy methods that is convenient for you which will help you to remember fast.

5) Exam preparation plan

Be strong and increase efforts and passion to learn continuously.

Read brief notes provided and make sure take advantage of the leverage that is available. This will help you recall what you have learned.

Stay calm and treat exam as a normal in the exam hall. In case you are panic, take a deep breath, this helps your heart’s oxygen supply is sufficient,and will relieve your nervous and worried feelings. Tell yourself that you can do it. (DO NOT FORGET TO EAT AND DRINK A LOT OF WATER)

6) Pray and trust

Be confident in yourself. You should pray and trust in God.

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