• Separate your goals from other people’s goals for you.
    • Take up a major that you know you will succeed in. Don’t listen to the outer voices. You yourself might think you are not smart enough to handle the situation but remember even the Oscar nominated director Richard Linklater said he rejected the advice of his family and friends and went complete, polar, 180 degree opposite of that everyone was telling him.
  • Forget passion, follow an interest.
    • People always say, follow your passion, but passion is something you discover over time, by finding an interest, however small, and nurturing it. “Surrender to the process, rather than the goal”.
  • Put your decisions in real world context.
    • Whether you are attracted to something because of its promise of prosperity or because it stirs you on a deep level -neither inherently right or wrong-. Before you master something, test before you invest your education and time.
  • Yes, you have to be good at it. Be flexible.
    • A major isn’t a live long sentence, it’s a jumping off point. You’ll still stumble and have a recalibrate. But if you live life by connecting each successive dot, you open yourself up to possibilities you never could have planned.

By Nathan Gebhard

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